On the Road Again, and Again and……. Again!!


On the road again !!!! Another round of fun filled field trip . This time SayCheezZ went to St Petersburg, FL, on March 22, to attend the Gluten Free for Life Expo.

Beautiful event hall, great city, and oh, so much fun people!
The excitement was all about meeting a curious bunch of gluten-free-to-be-or-not-to-be followers. 🙂
Their palate were diluted with sweet sampling here and there. Then, finally they found us. Yes, a savory station at last!  Oh yes it’s good to be different. Whoa! Our CheezZy rolls were all dressed up with a beautiful crust and texture. Hot from the toaster oven to their mouth. The polls ended with smiling faces, frowning expressions of disbelief – is it GLUTEN FREE, really?? – it feels great to finally find a delicious bread-like product without the presence of any cardboard, right?
Now to change subject, our dining experience at St Pete was fun and delicious. The restaurant is called 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House . Friendly staff, great gluten/grain free friendly food, awesome location and best of all within walking distance from the B&B we stayed at!!
Our B&B experience was also good. Friendly staff and Innkeepers at the Beach Drive Inn enhanced our overall experience at St Pete.
Our next stop was Charlottte, NC a week after St Petersburg, on March 29. This time, the weather was the extreme opposite as St Pete’s. It was nice and cold! Ok, let me try this again…. it was actually freezing cold – and icy!! So we got to see some of the white stuff they call snow flurries. Take a look!! 🙂
The event was a big success! It was great to meet all the people that stopped by our stand. Lots of questions asked, which
we like to hear and answer. AND, even the pickiest of kids who have never seen a SaycheezZ’s commercial on TV gave us a thumbs up!! I’m tellin’ya!! Phew!!!! We got to take some nice pictures of our future cheese addicts. hohoho
Here are some of them.
Even our Jeep got better gas mileage on the way back as all the cheese rolls were left behind in NC! 🙂
Oh no!! That’s NOT all, folks! We’re now preparing for our next stop: Nashville, TN!! This is going to be a very meaningful event as it is the first Gluten Free event organized by Gluten & Allergen Free Wellness Event to take place in that city. We are very excited to be part of it and can’t wait to share our “kiddos” with all attendees! We are excited to meet more people and share our story with them.
In time: we totally forgot to share the video taken by Pam Jordan of I’m a Celiac during the Gluten Free Expo in Austin, on February 2. Our bad! Sorry folks! So please go ahead and click here to watch it! Enjoy!
Thank you ALL for taking the time to read our stories! We love you bunches! Talk to you later, alligator!!! 🙂



Our CheezZy Newsletter!

Hola everyone!!

Know the feeling you get in your tummy when you are about to have a large gathering at your house and don’t know where to start? This is a good way to describe a typical day at SayCheezZ. Incoming calls, brief meetings, exchanging ideas, reminder alerts chiming on our smart phones, production machines in full swing, music blasting, fulfilling online orders, following up on customers, and delivering product. Phew!! Hope you did not get overwhelmed by reading all that. 🙂

In addition, traveling  to cultivate relationships has been a very important step to take, oh, and let’s not forget those fun Gluten Free & Allergen Expos that we have been attending in various cities to introduce our brand and our product. Heck yeah, we love it!

Our company car, the almighty Jeep Wrangler has served its purpose and more, carrying all our CheezZy kiddos and all the gear bouncing all over the place specially when driving thru the I-10 stretches of Louisiana! lol


Oh, did we tell you about our exciting, as-colorful-as-it-can-be website? Please go ahead and check it out! Let us know what you think, would you? 🙂

It’s really colorful, user friendly, a little history and background info, not to mention our CheezZiest love story of all times.

Variety is the spice of life, right? At SayCheezZ our radar is always turning to new ideas, new taste, new shapes, new appearance. Our cheese rolls have worn several costumes, and the nominees RRRRRRRR!!!!




What a delicious and versatile product these yummies have turned out. They are so cute and we consider them our kiddos.

When we go and visit our clients, we always say: we are here to check on the kids!!!!

We recently created a well refined version, ready made, pre-baked cheese rolls. They are labor free, grain free, gluten free and yessssss!, truly delicious.

Their costume appearance in the retail bag is very inviting. You can see them all starring at you and waiting to be part of your table setting.


We continue making the yummies in our ever so clean dedicated gluten free environment. You will be feeling happy and secure to know that this is so important to us.

We had the pleasure of meeting the folks at Simply Gluten Free Magazine at one of the Gluten Free expos. They were so excited about our product and approached us by suggesting  to enroll in a monthly and free giveaway event. Dec 2013, was our first giveaway package and we will continue  with this giveaway each month, after all its our way of saying thank you to all our growing fans. But please remember, you have to play it to win it 🙂

We also have GRAYT news we’d like to share with all of you!!

First, you’ll be happy to know our product is now Gluten Free Certified. YAY!!! This is our expression of commitment to those who are seeking healthy and delicious options.

AND, last but not least, we’d like to THANK YOU ALL very much for voting for SayCheezZ during the 4th Annual Gluten Free Awards, hosted by GFREEK.com !! We got the SILVER in our category, peopleZZZZ!!!! Holy Moly, LET’S GET SOLD FOR THE GOLD!!!!

Ok, that’s all folks! It’s getting late and we need to get some rest! Talk to you later!

Have a great week y’all!!


Surprise Cyber Week Giveaway!! :)

Surprise Cyber Week Giveaway!! 🙂

Happy Cyber Week, Everyone!! So here’s our cyber surprise GIVEAWAY!!
The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive the items from SayCheezZ!! So go ahead click on the link below to see what’s awaiting for you and …..

1) Fill out the “Giveaway Entry Form” for the first Entry
2) Share to Facebook for a 2nd entry
3) Tweet on Twitter for a 3rd entry

That’s right! You can enter 3 times EVERY day!!! Happy sharing and good luck!! 🙂

Hello our CheezZy Pals!!

Here’s a little bit of what’s going on at SayCheezZ’s headquarters… 😀
Approximately a month ago we met a very fun couple at Seaside Farmers’ Market. They were volunteering at a produce booth where we buy our veggies, when Raf had an insight that the gentleman would be of great value for SayCheezZ. Next thing you know, he asked the gentleman if by any chance he was looking for a job. To Raf’s surprise the gentleman promptly said “YES” (another insight, maybe……??). What Raf did not know is that, by asking that question, he was actually “hiring” two people instead of one – his wife will go wherever he goes!! 🙂   Uh-oh, too late!! We had to hire both of them!! lol
So now, Curt and Trish are part of our fun team. Oh boy, let me tell you, we’ve been laughing even more than usual when they are around. 😀

Curt and Trish are representing SayCheezZ at both, Seaside and Rosemary Beach Farmers’ Markets, on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. What an awesome addition!! You know, we do believe in “whatever is meant to be, is meant to be“. 
Can you see Trish in the background? What? You don’t see Curt? Well… he was probably socializing with other folks.. lol
Below, some cool ideas Curt and Trish came up with to improve visual communication at our stand. Love it!!
Now, back to business….
We are in the process of introducing our product at a large chain retail food store . This will make it easier for you to shop for our product. Meanwhile lots of people have been contacting us via our Facebook page or email and are placing their orders. All that’s needed is your Zip Code, and quantity – for your information, our cheese rolls are sold frozen and by the dozen -, and flavor you would like to order. Next step we will get you a quote on shipping with FedEx. If you are satisfied with the shipping cost, we will pack your order with a bunch of love and ship, usually on Mondays. If you order as a group – friends, family members, coworkers etc – shipping cost will be cheaper and we’ll ship all bags of cheese rolls in one cooler. Fair enough? 😉
This week Raf and I will be attending the Raleigh/Durham, NC Gluten Free Expo (link below) . It will be SayCheezZ’s first event ever!! How exciting is that? We can’t wait to be there to share our product with everybody. Of course we’ll take a few pictures to share with you all! What is a blog without a picture, right? 😛
The following week,  we will be traveling to Enterprise, AL for a tasting at the Nantucket’s Coffee Shop. More excitement on the menu!! 
Last but not least, we are selling our cheezZy yummies at The Bodacious Olive, in Pensacola. Such a boutique’ish kind of place. They offer a delicious array of traditional and infused extra virgin olive oils, aged infused and spiced vinegars. Have a peak at the pictures.
Since I got carried away with posting pictures today, here’s a picture of me, Bea, and Kelli at Coffe Siena at Sandestin. Nice folks!! 🙂
That’s all Folks!!! Talk to you later! Thanks for stopping in and reading our storiezZ!! 😀

We’re Back!!!! :D

Hello folks!!

Oh yes, we agree it’s been a loooong time since we updated our blog. We have been very busy behind stage building the infrastructure and systems necessary for SaycheezZ’s day to day operation. My oh my!! Lots of details.

Our challenges ranged from locating authentic organic ingredients (non-GMO’s, grain free) to machinery problems to packaging to imprinting bags, to name a few.
But we are persistent and kept plugging along and now we can say it’s all behind us . We are proud of our accomplishments! Oh yes we ARE! 🙂
But good things happened too!! Our product is now in several stores within Florida and Southern Alabama and a local coffee shop. YAY!!!
On Sundays our product is a big hit at the local farmers’ market (Rosemary Beach). It’s so rewarding to see people coming saying all positive things about the cheese rolls with a big smile! 
Also we have added couple of people to the work force and can say we have an awesome team. Happy with that. 🙂
So here’s the deal: whenever you come to visit us here and you don’t see anything new going on, please do not hesitate to go to our Facebook page which we’ve been updating more frequently. I know it doesn’t sound fair with this gorgeous blog (which is mah babe and please know I’m a very proud momma!!) but Facebook is a “quick fix” when time is running out of our hands….
Now some breaking news: commencing May 29th, SayCheezZ will be in the spot light and will be advertised by the local social media company named SoWal. Another happy YAY!!!! We’ll be posting the link to all of you so you can see our partner’s page and read some more info about us. And YES, we are very excited about showing our face.
So here’s some more pictures we’d like to share with all of our fans. Thank you for taking a peak and following us throughout the year. You are the BEST!!  😀
My momma!! 🙂
Jack”omo”, as we call him! Kicks butt when it comes to operations! lol
My hubby hero!!! 🙂
And last, but not least………. Us having fun!!!!  SayCheeeeeezZ!! 🙂

Sampling n’ Tasting!! :-)





So here it is! Our very first batch. When we formed the cheese rolls and placed them in the muffin tins we realized they were a bit out of shape (certainly not out of taste!). We then placed the rolls in the oven and noticed they corrected their cheezzy posture. The aroma in the kitchen made us very impatient and curious what the outcome would be. The buzzer sounded and we all rushed to the oven to get them out. As you can imagine we ALL inhaled them! lol
The taste was great and the consistency even better!! What a glorious moment. Of course, we HAD to open a bottle of good vino to pair with and celebrate this sinful moment.

Well, that’s all folks! We’ll be back soon with some more addictive posts.
Love you ALL!!